Monday, August 18, 2008

The Boys discover the Ocean


LOVE IS IN THE SAND.........................


The boys got to experience the Ocean for the first time!!! Welllllll.. they actually had both been their when they were very young(to young to remember).

We had a BLAST!!!!!! I think my favorite part was combing the beach for cool shells and sand dollars. The boys found some neat things, and had a great time doing it. The weather wasn't the greatest...a high of 57 with tons of fog. We drove around a bit to different beaches, when we were at the main beach their was a group of teenage boys doing something they called skimming on the surf. OF COURSE Gavin saw them do it and had to try it! We went back into town and bought the boys a skimming board at one of the local shops. NOW, anyone that knows Gavin knows how he thinks he is ALWAYS right and can do anything that anyone can do...ONLY BETTER. So, not wanting any advice from Eric or I he got out into the shallow surf....threw the board down like the teenagers were doing....ran.....jumped on it.......AND fell FACE FIRST into the PACIFIC OCEAN!!!! Eric and I were laughing so hard. HE just thought he knew what he was doing and that was that. After falling into the freezing salt water with it only 50-something outside..he finally wanted a little advice!!!! hahahahahah. Kodi also tried skimming, and he too found him self in the water!! It was so fun to watch them and after awhile they had figured it an extent. We also went through Ocean Shores famous miniature golf course....I SUCKED...and Kodi just liked hitting the ball..and yeah...of course Gavin and Eric had to compete tooth and nail to beat one another!! And I guess I should mention that Eric won....he was so proud he kept the score card. (why???? I dunno so dont ask) All and all we had a great time together, and cant wait to go again next year!


Anonymous said...

Kodi - great message on my cell
phone on Saturday...... I am sure
you had great fun at the ocean.
I have a picture of you there when
you could walk, and when you could.
But this one is nice.... I just
can't get it to print.... Maybe
Rachel can fix it................
Hope your vacation was great ---families are the best types of
vacation..... I want some sand here
in SD---just got corn and beans
and weeds.... But Grandpa has new
puppies - 10 of them.... more to come....
Love to all Grandma Voss