Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Our deer opener was less then perfect.
The deer seemed to be fewer then we have seen in the past in our "special area". I, myself couldn't hit the vitals if my life depended on it....sending one to many deer off into the woods where they couldn't be retrieved. I had nothing going my bow was having its issues, and the deer seemed to want to come out on top of me....yes tooooo close for me to shoot. They were coming up from behind me....5 different times on opening day up the trail I was sitting on...with my back to them...they were seriously within 5 feet of me. Yes... kind of cool at first...but very irritating after a few times. I couldnt move or I was busted, making it impossible to draw back on them.
However, we didn't come up empty on opening day. About 1/2 hour after dawn Eric stuck a nice doe....but again....with our great luck..she decided to die in a farmers field that was posted "NO HUNTING" so we had to ask some counrty bumkin for permission to retrieve her....they were less then could tell they didn't care for hunters, and wanted us no where near their precious pets(the deer)....all and all they said we could get her, as long as she was dead. That night... still no luck...but on our way out of the field we saw the BIGGEST deer ever. A 5x5 with 8 inch eye guards. We watched in amazement as he grazed 150 yards from us.
Just when I thought things couldn't get worse......................................
Soooooo here comes the deer story.....
The next day Eric decided to set up the new ground blind he bought for me (it was the thought that counted) he said "Honey Im gonna set you up at the top of the field where that big buck came out." So that night..I tromped across the field to my blind my huny had set up for me. I got situated...pulled my bow back for one practice pull and realized...CRAP this thing is too small to draw back in. Trying not to complain, and it was coming up on prime-time I walkie-Talkied Eric and he asked me to just try to make it work for the he was 25 feet up in a tree stand. So i sat...and sat....and sat....and SAT.. my luck..nothing coming out AGAIN. Low and 745...almost dark here comes the BIG one. Not walking but running straight to me. I had some scent on and around the blind that old Mr. Bucky found irresistable. Nervous..shaking... i drew back...he stopped and I let my draw down. Then within a minute he was back on the move coming straight for me. He came clear in to 32 yards(he stood their long enouhg for me to grab the rangefinder and range him) I drew back...him starring at me..took a deep breath, put my 30 yrd pin on him....and launched the arrow....a string form that damn ground blind got caught up in my bow string.. and my arrow flew 10 yards and straight into the dirt. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. I literally cried. Set my bow down and cried. He was the kin dof deer people pay big money to shoot on ranches. NEEDLESS to say....if anyone needs a new pop-up blind you can find it on ebay listed under Hunting gear. I cried and poor Eric felt horrible for me...then proceeded to tell me "you know he was a record book buck". He really knows how to make someone feel better. WELL... the season is just starting out and I WONT BE SKUNKED...YOU JUST WAIT.....