Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Things....ONLY Happy things this post!!!

OK.. so most of you know.... things are HAIRY to say the least with all of the Kodi "Mamma Drama" I like to call it.
I know their is alot to catch everyone up on,but this post is gonna be all happy, fun things we are doing!

First off...Gavin's boxing!!
We are SOOOOOOO JACKED and SOOOO proud to announce Gavin will be having his first boxing fight!!!
Eric and I watched him spar on Friday in the ring, and we were SO proud! With his natural ability, and his agility..hes is excelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So it will be 6 monhts next month since he started Boxing, and we are anxiously awaiting his fight. He will fight against someone his weight class, and another Novice...someone who also has never had a fight and is just starting off. This of course makes it fair. So here is the next exciting part.... the fight will be in SPOKANE..... That made Gav Grandma and Grandpa will be able to watch. Good Luck Kid...You will have a a HUGE cheering section!

GAVIN BOXING (on the left)

Kodi Salute- and The CubMaster awarding him his NEW BADGES!!

Kodi and DAD " GOOOOOD JOB KODERS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kodi Has been having alot of fun spending as much time with us as he has been. He is seeing how fun it is here...and what he misses when he is gone. He is enjoying the whole " Family" thing that goes on ....We have played a family game nearly almost every single night the last week....went ice skating, and has got to have his best buddy Riley over.Tonight was Kodi's Blue-Gold banquet. It is an yearly banquet cub scouts have. It is in a sense.... their "Birthday Party" This year cub scouts are celebrating their 99Th birthday. How exciting!!!
Anyhow... Eric cooked (he was good daddy and volunteered) for almost 70 people. Hamburgers and hot dogs, and everyone else brought a dish.
Kodi was recognized for his badge progress. He earned his official Bear badge tonight, and his Outdoor ethics badge.
He was presented it with his Den Leader, Cubmaster...and Eric behind him. It was alot of fun...Gavin came, he brought his buddy (they will go anywhere where their is FREE food..and lots of it) and Kodi brought his friend Riley along.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gavin's Boxing/Kodi's Mamma Drama..and US EXHAUSTED!!!!

It has been almost 5 months since Gavin started boxing.
And he LOVES IT!!!
He has really came a lonnnng way since he began. He boxes for YPAL (Yakima Police Athletic League)
It's an awesome Organization. He is coached by some of the very best coaches, and the Yakima Police Dept. heads up the whole thing.
SOOOOO here is the exciting news.... they never put a kid in the ring until they feel like they can defend themselves. We talked with Gavin's coach yesterday, and it sounds like he will get his first "spar" in the next couple weeks! That is super he has been training his heart out.
It will probably be at least another 6-8 month before Gavin will have his first fight. It takes most kids on average 12-14 months of boxing before their first fight...because they wont just throw them in their to get hurt.
We will definitely try to get some pics of his first spar.... if he lets us that is. He will be sparing against a boy named Ricky who is undefeated and has been boxing for 4 years. They will put him in with Gavin because they are close to the same weight....and Ricky is so experienced that he knows how to spar and not hurt the other fighter. It will be GREAT for Gavin because he will learn alot.

As most of your know...we are going through some very rough times here in Yakima.
Since all has unfolded with Kodi's mom's "PROBLEM" We have benn taking things "Day by Day".
We are all in counseling and trying to get through this as a family the best we can, and hope that the courts will work in our favor.
Kodi as been attending Alateen meetings on tuesday nights (they call it "Alatween " since he is only 9) and is loving it. He is learning that his Mom's drinking is not his fault, and learning to focus more on being 9 instead of a adult and trying to take care of her.
We are pleased with what he has learned so far from the program...and it will become a regular part of his life.
Eric and I have too been learning and growing from this.
We have both been going to Alanon help us learn more about the disease, and how we can help Kodi. We also have learned tons...and will continue to make it a part of our lives also.
I think it's safe to say we are BOTH drained emotionally and physically.
Everyday it seems it is a constant, their... between 3 different counseling apts. a week, Boxing, alanon,alateen, Cub Scouts, Eric working 50 hr weeks....planning the wedding, and dealing with Lawyer stuff.... we barely have a minute to ourselves to even think.
Two very special friends of ours...the Meluskey's (Mike and Christy) Have asked us to join them for a night out this weekend.....and we took them up.
We really need some time to ourselves....for ourselves... they are very good friends and recognized we needed some time out....It's sure nice to have such good friends!!! We only have a few good friend couples here in yakima...and appreciate them all... (Erin and Travis.. and a few others)

We are hoping we will have some positive news by the end of the week from the courts... please cross your fingers.
Gavin is dealing with things in his own way..... the Gavin way... which isnt always the best. He see's his counselor regularly and she has expressed to him any support he can offer Kodi at this time from one brother to another will go a long ways. And Kodi's way of dealing is to withdrawl.....he doesn't even want to play baseball this year. We will continue to encourage each of the boys, hug them, have ALOT of family time and help each one get through things , and try to keep our life as Normal as possible.
Thanks for reading.... HOPEFULLY we will have some good news to post by then end of the week on things!
Thanks to everyone for thinking of us!!!!!
HUGS from Yakima

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Special Valentines Gift

Iam sure most of you are with me when I say..."How cool is it that Valentines Day is actually on the weekend this year??!!!!"
That means we all get to spend a whole day with our special Valentine(s)
I add the "S" because anyone that's a MOM knows you always have more then ONE Valentine!!

Although Eric is at the top of the list.....he has to share with my other two Valentines!!!!
I love all three of my boys, and could never ever have just one Valentine!!!
This year for Valentines day I got Eric some new cologne. He usually wears Calvin Klein Escape....but this yer Iam making him branch out...I got him Ralph Lauren Romance. Its smells yummmmmy!! It was one of my favs when i worked for Macy's. And of course LOTS of candy for him......and probably his favoritething of all of them will be his dinner, Iam making him one of his fav seafood enchiladas. They say the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach.....well my Eric is no exception! (Now i just have to hope he doesn't read this before Sat. I think my odds are good)
This year we did something REALLY exciting for the boys. Usually its just a small candy treat and a card..but given all they are going through right now with the custody issues of kodi....we decided they could enjoy something out of the ordinary and super cool.

We got them tickets to see
The BIG Arena show "Walking with Dinosaurs ".
It is such an AWESOME show. Yakima will be the smallest arena they have ever preformed in.
You have to check out this see the magnitude of what the show is all about! It is such a big thing that tickets went on sale at noon today.... and they were sold out for ALL 3 days in a mere hour!!
Luckily we were able to score awesome seats... thanks to me sitting on the phone for 30 minutes....and Daddy working lots of overtime. Tickets were not cheap..but it will be so worth it! We are giving them to the boys for V-Day, along with some candy.
Here is a couple links.. check it out if ya don't know what it is all about!

and also at