Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh my...I have been neglecting my Blog(s)

OK...Well the wedding is done. Over..adios..ciao...
What a ride that was! The ups-the downs...I should have listened to half of you, and just eloped....but I do have to say... I wouldn't have traded it for the world!! Everything was amazing, and beautiful...we had every one their that meant alot to us...
Things have been crazy-crazy round here!
Gavin is going full steam ahead still with football..his season is winding to an end this next weekend, with the grid-iron bowl in Auburn Washington.
Some more exciting news, Gavin was chosen to participate in the Youth All American bowl in San Antonio Texas!!! This is huge for he Eric and myself will be traveling to Texas in January. With that, we also were informed that he was in the top ten of d-ends for the entire west coast..and the top 20 for the entire NATION.....We are very proud of him, and know that things look bright for him as he progresses forward.
Kodi has been working on his Weebalos badges in scouts. He is excelling in school and doing very well!!
We are still on the same old schedule as before in regards to the parenting plan.. it sux, and that is that!!
Eric ...well he is working, working and oh yeah... working!!!!!
I should also mention that we have had a pretty eventfull hunting season..Gavin got his first spike bull elk!! We were so proud of him! Eric also filled his cow tag... so needless to say.. our freezers over-flowath with yummmy elk!
I promise to be back, and updating again!