Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wedding filled Weekend

Busy Busy Busy!!!!
What a Busy weekend we had!!!
This weekend we tootled on over to Spokane to work on some wedding stuff!!!
It was actually alot of fun, and a nice weekend. We went over and stayed with mom and dad. We hadn't seen them since Xmas, so that was nice.
First off,
We went to visit with the caterer. A very knowledgeable lady....but a bit on the pushy side. Anyone that knows me knows that I can't be walked all over...and I'll be damned if they are gonna change my mind once I have it made up!
Eric and Mom sat back a bit, and let Dad and I do the talking and jiving.
We will see what she comes up with! We have a menu thus far as for sides,and salads just trying to decide on either Prime Rib and Chicken or Beef Tenderloin and Chicken.
At least we have it pretty much decided upon!
From their, we headed clear to the other side of town, where we met with the specialty Cake lady whom is doing our cake for us. Iam sooooooo excited about it! Without giving away any surprises...I will tell you all that it will be beautiful and jaw-dropping! I can tell you it will be a magnificent 6 tiers tall...and will have 4 different types of cake to choose from! I can hardly wait to see it! We let the boys pick a tier...they chose "Twix" Yep... twix!!!! It will be a white cake with alternating fudge and caramel filling layers...yummmmmmm!!.. You will have to wait and see what the rest of the flavors are!!!
And to wrap up our wedding planning weekend, Eric and I met with a talented lady who is going to play our music for us at the ceremony. She is a Harpist. At first, my brother gave Eric crap....and Eric asked me if it was necessary to have an extra charge just to have a lady play a harp?????
Well.. he changed his mind after he heard her play! Talk about amazing...and some of the most beautiful music you have ever heard! Even Eric said..he was impressed.
So, we chose the song for me to walk to, the song for the bridal party to walk to, and the song for Mom Becky, and Mom Lynette to light the unity candles to.
I feel good about the weekend, and like we got alot accomplished. I can't believe we have less then 6 months to go!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love My New Blog!

As I recently posted...I have started a second Blog!
Kind of a different one...and one Iam sure is not every-ones cup of tea...but something that I love sooooo much!
My new Blog is dedicated to my love for hunting and the outdoors.
It's been fun creating it.. and I have so much to talk about, but trying to keep it to one post a day. The best part about all of it is I have met so many women across the US who share the same love for Hunting and Fishing as I do.
I just love the ladies I have met, and could sit in front of this screen all day reading their blog updates.
Thought I would post on it again, since Iam loving it to pieces! Thanks Kate for encouraging me to make a 2ND one!
Hugs to everyone...
Oh yah.. I should we are exactly 6 months away from the wedding....eeeeeek!!!!
MY NEW BLOG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DON'T Do that GAVIN!!

For those of you that don't know, Gavin Has been in counseling for about 6 months. In the process of it all, we found that no matter how much we don't want to admit it, and it's easier to deny it...their is a reason for the way Gavin acts at school and often times at home. Like I said, as much Eric and I hate to say it...Gavin does have ADHD...thanks to "Mark". Mark as almost ALL of you know, is as I like to call him Gavin's sperm donor. Mark was a very sick person, and from what i understand still is till this day...Mentally.
Unfortunately some of that stuff mentally is hereditary.
Gavin's counselor has been trying to get Gav leveled out with medication. We saw a HUGE difference in him on the first medication..."Adderal" But unfortunately, he started getting insomnia, and then wouldn't eat. He lost 3 lbs in a week... to much for someone his age and size. So, naturally...they took him off of it.
Then yesterday he started a new one....ridalin. he was doing ok, until he went to boxing. He was at boxing, doing his normal routine...and heavy work out with cardio. When he all of a sudden came to me and said "mom I cant breathe". He was gray-ish blue around his lips" He started to get scared(and so did I... but tried not to panic) Anyhow, it didn't resolve for almost 5 minutes... so I had to rush him to the ER. Eric met us their..Their they assessed him and took him straight back. They did an EKG which came back normal for his age.His heart rate was excelled. The breathing resolved itself, and Gavin felt better. As for me.. I wasn't!!1 I can watch him play football, and watch him get hit in boxing..but I know first hand when you cant breathe how fast that can turn bad...I was scared.
He came home and was totally fine. The recommended he don't take his afternoon med dose before any strenuous exercise.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

OK...I have another Blog

OK... so I did it.
I know some people who have two..YES 2 Blogs!!!
So I decided to make a second one too!
This one.. the one most of you look at will be our main blog for the family.
I was inspired my many woman on Blog Spot that have their own Blog about their love for the outdoors....hunting, fishing and everything else.
Iam just getting it going... but their are alot of gals out their who just like me are a mom, wife (or to be) and share the same passions as I do! Some have two blog to express their other loves in life......
So Katie.. yours is about shopping..Target..good buys, and a place to vent..mine is about Hunting as a women... in a mostly MANS world...and everything exciting that comes along with it! I also will post a new recipe everyday.. at least I will TRY to... a Wild Game recipe of some sort...Elk, Venison, Duck, Goose or anything else we harvest!! SO check it out...but remember Iam still putting things together!

QUOTE- From a Gal's Blog I have been admiring for awhile now...actually she inspired me to do a blog about what I love! Her blog is Deer Passion....This was her quote of the week this week...

The great pines, the green aisles leading away into the woods, the shadows under the thickets, the pine-pitch tang of the air, the loneliness of that lonely forest – all these things seemed familiar, sweet, beautiful, things mine alone… - Zane Grey

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lots of Little updates.......


Cub Scout pinewood derby

Thing have been a bit out of sorts here at the house.
Kodi had Surgery last Monday on his ummmmmm...welllll.. as he likes to call it. "My Butt".
As you can see from the pictures, Kodi was born with a birthmark. The picture really doesn't do justice for how large the mark had grown to. It not only had changed in size, but it became dark in color, in fact black in parts of it.
Naturally, the doctor said "that needs to come off, NOW".
They removed it, and it was sent in for a biopsy. No news on that, but it's still early. Iam sure it will come back OK though. Anyhow... he is recovering well. At this point he is off all pain meds.... not even needing Motrin anymore..pretty much pain free. He still has many restraints though. No running, hopping, skipping...ANYTHING but a normal walk is OUT of the question. YOu can imagine how hard that is for him. Kodi also had his Cub Scout pinewood derby. He did very well and we were proud of him. He ended up winning 1 out of 3 races..unfortunately he didn't qualify for the next level of races....but he had a blast doing it!!!We learned alot for next year on what to do different to make his car even quicker.

Gavin has been keeping busy with school and sports.
He is still training for his first boxing fight. He was supposed to be going to Spokane in two weeks for a fight, but that has changed, and his first fight will now be April 11Th in Connel Washington.
He is training hard, and keeping up physically so he hopefully can pull out his first win. We will see. He also had baseball tryouts this weekend. Baseball season starts in just a few weeks...he will be VERY VERY busy boxing and playing baseball at the same time. At least untill after he fights on the 11th, then he will cut back and only train for boxing 3 days a week untill after baseball season.
He of course is up to his normal silly self.... making everyone laugh. As you can see by the picture I posted....what a goof!

Awwwwww... Eric in the Tux coat!! Can you tell he at least took his hat off for the picture?? Nice messy hair huh?
So we picked out the tux style that he and his grooms men will be wearing for our big day. My mom said he looked uncomfortable in the pic.. I think because everything he tried on was to small.... they didn't really have his perfect size. You also will notice in the picture he had a pink tie and vest on.... Im sure you all will get a good laugh out of that!!
NO our colors are NOT pink!!!!!!!!! Eric will be wearing a camo vest and camo will the boys and Eric's groomsmen. Things are coming along with the wedding planning. And adding up. It's amazing how quick things can spiral out of wise. I think Iam doing pretty good at keeping our budget, and wallet in check.(Eric may disagree) But I really am trying .....................HONEST...IAM!!!!
We did have our first bump in the road in the planning.... our cake lady went bankrupt...I was so beside myself! We were able to get our money back, and thankfully have found a new cake shop that didn't have our date full yet. AND I have to add..... she is cheaper then the first lady!!!!! I cant believe how quick time is passing since the engagement...before we know it, it will be September.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!
Playin XBOX in their Bedroom