Monday, May 12, 2008

The BEST of the WORST

Ok....soooooooo I would like to say I spent my mothers day, lounging in my jammies, and being waited on hand and foot....But c'mon whos house are we talking about here?
We spent majority of the day at the baseball fields. The boys had a Mothers Day tourny this week, and Sunday was the final game. They did great, and I was one proud mamma (and Eric of course who you can hear in the dug-out from the parking lot) and Eric a proud pappa-bear!!! They ended up winning the tournament for their bracket!!! Their team has struggled and sadly is in last place in the league, so in the tourny they were in the lowest bracket, but like Gavin and Kodi said.. "We are the best of the worst"..........and that is something to be proud of, without a doubt!! I will post more pics of them with trophies as soon as we get them!