Monday, June 30, 2008

Hoopfest weekend is over!!!!

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Well.... Hoopfest is allllllllllllll done.
It was the hottest hoop fest ever! They had a total of 6,830 teams take part. Gav and his team played their hearts out, but were eliminated after 3 games. It's definitely fun to watch...but as a mom kinda hard too. The rules are a bit different as its considered street ball. You can imagine how rough it is. All of the boys were scratched up, and one time Gav fell face first on the asphalt....luckily he had all of his teeth still. We will for sure be doing it again next year, and one thing we will be hoping for is temps below 90 degrees!!!!!
Kodi went with us, He had fun for a short time, but it soon became so hot and unbareable that he was miserble. Lucky for him Grandma and Grandpa were down town to watch the first game and he was quick to leave and head home with them. He had a good day being spoiled by grandma and grandpa ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!!!
So the Yakima Super Ballers didn't win their bracket but they played like they should have! Way to go boys! We are proud of you all!!!!!!!!!