Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OK....So Iam not that BIG of a Scrooge!!!!

OK OK.. so a couple posts ago I was kinda Ba-humbug on this time of year.
I guess I was more venting then anything... HAHAHAHA.
This isn't my favorite time of year..but I have to say today is the 9Th of December and I have ALL of my shopping done! YES ALL!!!

That makes things a little more tolerable I suppose. Things have still been SUPER crazy around here. Gavin is boxing 4 days a week(which isn't to bad because as you all know the kid is always in some kind of sport) Eric is still working mad hours......Which makes it hard to do things at the house, and Kodi.. welllll hes just Kodi... not much going on with him... just playing, being 9, and scouts every Tuesday.

Eric and I are starting to wrap up our hunting season. We spent the last weekend elk hunting. No site or sound of Elk but the Bucks were running crazy...and Iam embarrassed to say.. YES I MISSED ANOTHER BIG BUCK! I was sad to see the elk season come to a close for us for the year. We still have another weekend or two of deer season though.. and still some Washington tags to fill.
Iam starting to wonder if I will go skunked this year with deer... (it scares me to think about it)

This weekend when we went up elk hunting we also were "Tree hunting".... I mean looking for our Xmas tree. For $5 you can buy a cutting permit from the forest service and that entitles you to cut down a tree of your choice!
So as we hunted.. we also looked for the perfect tree! This year Eric was on his game... he brought THE CHAIN SAW!!!!! I guess he decided he didn't want to spend an hour using a hacksaw to get a tree down. (Been their, done that before) besides then he doesn't get quite as annoyed when I change my mind after he gets it cut down. HAHAHA
And naturally.. since he had the chain saw, I was perfectly content with the first one we cut down.
We brought it home.. trimmed it a bit, and then put it in the tree stand. I can't make things to easy for him... so after we got it in the house, and set in the stand.. i asked him to take it back out and trim it more!! Being the SWEET ,LOVING, COOPERATIVE , husband to be that he is.... he did it...(with a few small grumbles).
So.... soon it was perfect and Gavin and Kodi were decorating away.
I like things perfect.. and when it comes to decorating the tree I kind of have to let go, and let them do it. If I had it my way I would move every ornament they put on so things were evenly distributed and spaced, perfectly.. ( I know anal)
But.. I have learned a little to let makes them happy to do it themselves...... those two are so proud of their tree!!!!!!