Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Special Valentines Gift

Iam sure most of you are with me when I say..."How cool is it that Valentines Day is actually on the weekend this year??!!!!"
That means we all get to spend a whole day with our special Valentine(s)
I add the "S" because anyone that's a MOM knows you always have more then ONE Valentine!!

Although Eric is at the top of the list.....he has to share with my other two Valentines!!!!
I love all three of my boys, and could never ever have just one Valentine!!!
This year for Valentines day I got Eric some new cologne. He usually wears Calvin Klein Escape....but this yer Iam making him branch out...I got him Ralph Lauren Romance. Its smells yummmmmy!! It was one of my favs when i worked for Macy's. And of course LOTS of candy for him......and probably his favoritething of all of them will be his dinner, Iam making him one of his fav seafood enchiladas. They say the best way to a mans heart is through his stomach.....well my Eric is no exception! (Now i just have to hope he doesn't read this before Sat. I think my odds are good)
This year we did something REALLY exciting for the boys. Usually its just a small candy treat and a card..but given all they are going through right now with the custody issues of kodi....we decided they could enjoy something out of the ordinary and super cool.

We got them tickets to see
The BIG Arena show "Walking with Dinosaurs ".
It is such an AWESOME show. Yakima will be the smallest arena they have ever preformed in.
You have to check out this see the magnitude of what the show is all about! It is such a big thing that tickets went on sale at noon today.... and they were sold out for ALL 3 days in a mere hour!!
Luckily we were able to score awesome seats... thanks to me sitting on the phone for 30 minutes....and Daddy working lots of overtime. Tickets were not cheap..but it will be so worth it! We are giving them to the boys for V-Day, along with some candy.
Here is a couple links.. check it out if ya don't know what it is all about!

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The George Family said...

Rad! The boys will love that, hell Eric will love it :) I hope the boys love it, Kodi deserves it!

Bryan is making me dinner on Saturday- he does it every year, the only day he really makes a meal. I am excited to spend the day with my men! Maybe next V-day we will have a girl :)