Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Scouting...and a little hunting.....

Well... I guess I can't complain to much about it being August already.. the one GOOOOOOD thing about it is that does mean elk and deer season is just around the corner. Tonight Eric and I headed up again to the Rim-Rock area looking for Yogi.
If you are someone who reads our blog regularly...(or as regular as I post...hehehehe) you will know what I'm talking about. Eric and I stumbled across the most Gi-Normous (is that even a word???) Bear track... ya know the pic of the one with the bullet in it. Anyhow... with August 1st in Washington also comes Bear season. I know some of you think we are crazy... and some of you that read this are as goofy as Eric and I with hunting....anyhow, we went in search of Yogi..... And as our luck would have it.. no Bears. Eric climbed a big hillside where he came within 300-some yards of A nice young bull elk (4x4) . It was up a pretty nasty hill side, that was very thick.. I stayed down low and glassed the hillside for Yogi..or anything else cool why he wandered away. I stayed near the truck, with my talk-about on..waiting for Eric to tell me he saw the Bear...but it had been about 30 minutes..and NO ERIC...and of course he wouldn't answer. ....this just puts me in panic mode... I don't worry that something will get him...cuz this is Eric we are talking about... and I don't worry he would get lost, he could find his way out of anything..but ya never know, we all have accidents, and I worry he could trip and break something... then I would never get his butt out of their. Finally he answers me in a whisper..... that was when he told me he was on the elk.... sheeeeez... we ARE BEAR HUNTING Mr. that boy.... he would have sat and watched that bull till dark if he could have!!! I told him i was worried.. and he just rolled his I bet him mom is gonna read this at some point... and I know she will have my back on this one!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Take that Eric!! No, no seriously I just worry I couldn't help him if he hurt himself. All in all we had a fun time in the Mountains..once again got to see cool stuff....but still aren't sure where Yogi was at today, and still Hiiiiiimmmmming and Hawing on where we will set up for early elk.


Angela said...

Good luck to you guys this season yogi will be good eats ;-)

Anonymous said...


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