Saturday, August 2, 2008

what?????.. AUGUST Alllllllready?????

Oh my gosh..... I can't believe that we are finding ourselves turning the calendar page already!!! It's hard to believe that July has passed us by!!!

So... looks like I have slacked a bit on my posts..let me catch ya all up to speed!! We just got back from a very adventurous 5 day camping trip! I say adventurous for a couple reasons...1) Hunter Shilley. 2) Jayden Shilley...oh yeah then their is Hailey, Ashlee Gavin and Kodi....... we went into Idaho...about 8 hrs from good old glorious Yakima ( yeah right we couldn't wait to get the F*** out of dodge) Eric Myself and the boys.... Mom and Dad, My niece and nephew (Kevin's kids) and Ryan and Kim with their two Jayden and Ashlee.

We spent the week fishing the river, riding four wheelers, playing in the river and enjoying being together....

You can only imagine how crazy it was around camp with one 10 month old, two 3 yr olds one 5 year old, one 8 year old and one 11 year old!!! It really was a blast. We had lots of fun fishing the river... I kept telling Eric that their is some big fish in the river... i mean like 30-40lb Chinooks.... well he finally believed me...he saw two MONSTERS a good 20 lbs... came back to camp, and he and I high tailed it up River to the hole with our Salmon rigs. No such luck... I came close.. had one follow it up to the top.. Bump it.. but then it was gone. Ya know.. you would think that man would believe me at some point when I tell him these things... after all I do manage to kick his butt when it comes to fishing. SoOOOOOOO all of the fun stuff we did ...and didn't take crap-ola for pics! Eric , Kodi and I came home early with my niece, while Gavin stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. I did manage to take a pic of Kodi and cousin Hailey playing xbox one day she was here!