Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Yearly Idaho Hunt

<---------------Elk Country
We have been home from our Idaho trip a week now and we are slowly getting back on track here at the house and getting cleaned up in the trailer.
We had a blast at hunting camp..... we go with mom and dad and about 10 others. The animals were moving and we had very successful trip!!! By the end of the trip their was a total of 5 elk hanging (4 cows and a spike) and the two bucks we got.
Their wasn't any BIG bulls to be found... sadly two weeks before the opening of the season the Indians came through and shot around 30 head of elk....YES 30. They say that it's their heritage and they don't have to have any tags... they just come in and start blasting....they call it their heritage and culture..we call it BULL SHIT. If it's their heritage..then they can get on their horses and shoot the damn things with their bow and arrows...NOT a high powered riffle.
Its always an expensive trip when ever you hunt out of the state but its WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!
Gavin enjoyed his time here at the house with us gone.. .. my aunt Carole came to stay with him, and of course spoiled him rotten. Kodi was with his mom....not much to say about that...that's a WHOLLLLLE other Blog...LOL