Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Season is Over

Will Post Kodi pics when I have some)
Well... the end of the football season is Here. Kodi's team didn't make it to the play offs....but they sure played their little hearts out. We enjoyed getting to watch Kodi this year take part in the sport that was his Dads life as youngster in South Dakota. Kodi stuck with it and played hard all doesn't sound like Kodi will be playing next year, as he decided football just wasn't his thing. He has however found a new love in the world....and that is cub scouts.(more on this and some pics of him in another post)

Gavin had a great football season!!! his team ended their year 6-2. His two loses coming at the end of the of them a play off game that they lost 8-0 causing their season to come to a screaching hault. Gav had a great season...he averaged 3-4 QB sacks a game and numerous tackles. This year he found a new excitement in playing Defensive End and running the ball a bit as wing back. He spent most of the season playing defense as he is quick as lightening and hammered through the offensive line of the opposing team causing problems for the opposing quarterback. He also was a big part of special teams on kick off return..again for his quick speed and his hard hitting tackles. As Eric would say when it comes to our G...." DYNAMITE COME IN LITTLE PACKAGES". Gavin has a week off then next tuesday he jumps into basketball season. Here we go again!!!


The George Family said...

Everything I have to look forward to with a boy... Bryan thinks Henry will play everything... HA! Better have a girl next.