Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A weekend all for Gavin

Well, we spent this weekend up in our special spot deer hunting. But this time Eric and I didn't hunt.... it was ALL ABOUT GAVIN ( just how he likes it I may add). We had a good time together minus the weather conditions. It was fog, rain, snow...and very little sunlight...I think we had every element. Gavin went in with two deer tags....and low and behold he was able to fill one!!!! Yeeeeeeeeee for G !!!!!

Eric and I were very proud of him...we enjoy seeing him being successful on his hunt, and smiling ear to ear.

I'm posting a couple pics....he also learned this year how to cut up his deer for the wrapping process.


Anonymous said...

Good job. Looks like a nice deer.
Not all deer have to have horns..
Takes time to get all kinds of
deer. When I first looked at it
I told Doug you were skinning it in the living room.... Now that would be something Eric would do....
Have fun..... Take a look at Kristi's blog - she was hunting rabbits in her HOUSE this weekend....

Grandma Voss and Grandpa Voss