Wednesday, April 22, 2009

UPDATE: Super Busy in Naches!!

I can't believe how fast time flys!!
Eric and I have under 5 months left until the big day! I have spent alot of time planning, and organizing to assure a perfect day. Iam finding myself saying the same thing alot of brides do as they plan their wedding..."Wouldn't it have been easier to elope?" (I know for a FACT it would have been cheaper)
So as busy as I have been I missed some important days I could have been blogging.
Easter. Easter was alot of fun. We had Kodi this year, wich always makes our Holidays feel complete when we are together as a family. The Easter Bunny came, and we went for dinner at Mike and Christy's. Gavin, Kodi, Shane, Danielle and Austin had a HUGE Easter egg hunt.
Gavin is keeping busy as usual with Boxing and Baseball. He also is back to having ear problems again. He has a severe infection, and it doesn't seem to be responding to antibiotics. It appears their is a trip to Seattle to Children's Hospital in our future in the next week....and due to the infection...he won't be fighting this weekend. He is sad, as he has been training for months. The fight will have to wait until his ear is better.
We went up to the woods last weekend and the boys shot a little bit. Kodi is still learning, hopefully next year he will be mature enough to take hunter safety.
Eric and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary together. We had a wonderful dinner out, and he brought me some beautiful flowers.
The weather has been up-and down here and it appears spring is well underway, which couldnt make this house-full of hunters any happier....hunting season is on the horizon!!!
Iam posting some pics for everyone....
a couple of the boys shooting... one of Gavin pitching last week in his game, and a few of Easter Sunday...(Im sure gavin will kill me, as the wind was blowing, and his hair looks like he parted it on the was the wind!!!!)


Sarah said...

Rachel, I am so pleased to see you and your boys. It's so nice to see all of the events in your life that are meaningful. You four have such a rich and quality life. I miss you more than you know. Take my friend, stay safe and live happy. Miss you dearly.