Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wedding filled Weekend

Busy Busy Busy!!!!
What a Busy weekend we had!!!
This weekend we tootled on over to Spokane to work on some wedding stuff!!!
It was actually alot of fun, and a nice weekend. We went over and stayed with mom and dad. We hadn't seen them since Xmas, so that was nice.
First off,
We went to visit with the caterer. A very knowledgeable lady....but a bit on the pushy side. Anyone that knows me knows that I can't be walked all over...and I'll be damned if they are gonna change my mind once I have it made up!
Eric and Mom sat back a bit, and let Dad and I do the talking and jiving.
We will see what she comes up with! We have a menu thus far as for sides,and salads just trying to decide on either Prime Rib and Chicken or Beef Tenderloin and Chicken.
At least we have it pretty much decided upon!
From their, we headed clear to the other side of town, where we met with the specialty Cake lady whom is doing our cake for us. Iam sooooooo excited about it! Without giving away any surprises...I will tell you all that it will be beautiful and jaw-dropping! I can tell you it will be a magnificent 6 tiers tall...and will have 4 different types of cake to choose from! I can hardly wait to see it! We let the boys pick a tier...they chose "Twix" Yep... twix!!!! It will be a white cake with alternating fudge and caramel filling layers...yummmmmmm!!.. You will have to wait and see what the rest of the flavors are!!!
And to wrap up our wedding planning weekend, Eric and I met with a talented lady who is going to play our music for us at the ceremony. She is a Harpist. At first, my brother gave Eric crap....and Eric asked me if it was necessary to have an extra charge just to have a lady play a harp?????
Well.. he changed his mind after he heard her play! Talk about amazing...and some of the most beautiful music you have ever heard! Even Eric said..he was impressed.
So, we chose the song for me to walk to, the song for the bridal party to walk to, and the song for Mom Becky, and Mom Lynette to light the unity candles to.
I feel good about the weekend, and like we got alot accomplished. I can't believe we have less then 6 months to go!!!!!