Thursday, May 21, 2009

F.B.....U KNOW!!!!

So last weekend was Gavin's big trip to Seattle for FBU (Football University)
I know we talked about it a few months back about how excited we were for Gav to be attending.
It was the most wonderful experience ever for Gavin. He loved it....and can't say enough good things about not only the defensive line coach he had but also the other campers.
As most of you know, our Gavin is sooooo small. He just hasn't grown into his little body yet. But size means nothing when you know how to play the game. Gavin is quick on his feet, thinks alot like someone who has been playing football for years, and is like grease lightening!!
Carl "Big Daddy" Hariston called him "speed racer". All of the boys in Gavins D-line group were all prep athletes that pretty much tripled him in size and weight...and Gav was quicker then all of them..but one.
We enjoyed the weekend, beautiful weather in Seattle and alot of football. KOdi was with his mother this last weekend so he didn't go with us.