Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Almost Summer

Well... the boys have ONE week of school left..which equals ONE week of my sanity left!.. No seriously...I look forward to the summer months because I really do enjoy having the boys home.
This summer should be as busy as most normal week days around our house.
Kodi is doing swim team this year. He really wasn't given an option as to if he wanted to or not.....we decided he needed some kind of activity to do and keep him active...he loves to swim, so I came up with swim team. He is very excited for it to start. We are so proud of him for agreeing to give it a try...after all you never know if you like it unless you try it!
Gavin got invited to try out for Little League All Stars so he will be doing that this weekend. (much to my dismay)
We were proud of him for getting enough all star votes to try out...but secretly hoping he doesn't make it. It interferes with football(because it goes all summer) and I personally don't care for the coach. I didn't want him to try out at all...but Eric said that wasn't fair, it's his opportunity not ours. So we gave him the option....he chose to try out.
( maybe Eric is right every once in awhile!!)
He begins light football training next weekend with some drill practice.
WE have a new addition to our family....2 baby kitties. They live strictly outside...I will try to get a pic of them and post it soon...they are pretty darn cute!