Sunday, July 6, 2008

4Th oF JuLy CaMpInG

Gavin, Austin and Princess D Loungin at camp in the tube

Gavin and Kodi on the inner-tube

Kodi and Austin Building a home for their freshwater clams and crawdads

Gavin and his buddy Shane with their squirt guns after a ride on the inner tube WOW What an awesome weekend us and the boys had!!! We headed out early Friday morning (4th of july) for some fun camping and boating...when we got up it was thunder and lightening outside. YUCK.....but as we got into our day the clouds burned off, and out came the sunshine. We were so lucky to go with our GOOD friends Mike and Christy who we just luuuuuuuv, and they spoiled the boys all day with innertubing and boat rides. Some of Christy's friends also met us at the beach, and they brought their Jet skis- they were so kind and let everyone ride.......the boys had a blast!!! The boys got to do just about everything, and Kodi was sooooo fascinated with the Fresh water clams and the crawdads. After a hard day boating and playing we headed to camp and hung out by the camp fire, eating burgers and hot dogs, and the kids made some smores.
I got wayyy to much sun and didn't feel so hot, so on saturday Eric and I headed home and Mike and Christy, the sweet people they are, kept our boys so they could boat all day Saturday. Eric and I came home and rested for a bit and took a trip to the mountains to scout(more on that in another post) Anyhow, all and all we had a awesome time...and so did Gavin and Kodi. Thanks so much Mike and Christy for hangin with us and being so good to our boys!


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