Sunday, July 13, 2008

What are we to do???????

Go to this link to see what a silver fox looks like

Wellllllllllllllllllll we have NO KIDS this weekend.
Kodi is at his mom's (poor kid) and Gavin is with a friend for the weekend.
Its nice to have a weekend to ourselves, but what are we to do???? SCOUT ELK...of course!!!!
Eric and I took a nice 5 hrs yesterday and got the opportunity to scout some new area, and see some cool stuff!! Got on several head of elk....(right were we knew they would be..once again I could tell ya but Id have to kill ya!!) Then at about 9 o'clock we were heading out of the woods....when a black/gray dog ran across the front of the truck, and down the enbakement.... it was a SILVER FOX!! Eric knew right away what it was...took me a minute. That was one of the coolest thing by far we have seen while out in the woods. A silver fox is the same thing as Red Fox (which both of us have ever seen only once or twice) only its different due to its coloring. (we know this after googling it)And of course neither of the boys got to see it...bummer deal. Another first Eric and I had together!!! I have friends that only wish they could have a relatinship like mine and Eric's..we are so lucky that we found each other, its not very often you find someone who has the same interests and loves in life............while one or two of you say "My wife doesn't have to do everything I do" 99% of our friends envy the closeness and the relationship we have.....and this was one of those times that we got to see something special and rare together and will never forget it!!