Tuesday, February 9, 2010


OK.. I did it again....
I let my Blog slip right thru my fingers..AGAIN!!
I can tell you all..Oh Iam so busy..(which I really am) but to busy to blog??
SO...let see... since the last time I blogged, Gavin took a trip to San Antonio Texas for football....he has had a college scout contact us about his football talent, I have been doing well with my health..been fairly healthy...other than a brief set back with my diabetes 4 weeks ago..Eric has been working hard..keeping busy at work..and KOdi...not much to blog on our little Kodi...he's been same ol' Kodi!!
Eric, Gavin and myself spent a week in Texas. He was asked to take part in the National Youth football combine. We got to stay with Eric's cousin Missy and Pat...what a blast that was!!! Hunting season is over for a couple months...a little time to get some things done around the house.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh my...I have been neglecting my Blog(s)

OK...Well the wedding is done. Over..adios..ciao...
What a ride that was! The ups-the downs...I should have listened to half of you, and just eloped....but I do have to say... I wouldn't have traded it for the world!! Everything was amazing, and beautiful...we had every one their that meant alot to us...
Things have been crazy-crazy round here!
Gavin is going full steam ahead still with football..his season is winding to an end this next weekend, with the grid-iron bowl in Auburn Washington.
Some more exciting news, Gavin was chosen to participate in the Youth All American bowl in San Antonio Texas!!! This is huge for he Eric and myself will be traveling to Texas in January. With that, we also were informed that he was in the top ten of d-ends for the entire west coast..and the top 20 for the entire NATION.....We are very proud of him, and know that things look bright for him as he progresses forward.
Kodi has been working on his Weebalos badges in scouts. He is excelling in school and doing very well!!
We are still on the same old schedule as before in regards to the parenting plan.. it sux, and that is that!!
Eric ...well he is working, working and oh yeah... working!!!!!
I should also mention that we have had a pretty eventfull hunting season..Gavin got his first spike bull elk!! We were so proud of him! Eric also filled his cow tag... so needless to say.. our freezers over-flowath with yummmy elk!
I promise to be back, and updating again!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ok people..Where have our readers gone???

OK people........Have I let you all down by slacking on my posts? OK OK I get..I will try to stay on top of our posts!
You people just saw a picture of Eric with whip cream on his face!!!
Can I not get a comment out of any of you? You know who you are.....I seeeeeeeee
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Cmon folks..let us know your still reading!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sooooo BUSY.


OMG..I cant believe how busy I have been lately. With Gav in All stars, we have had no time do to anything else. We are still anxiously working on wedding plans...or shall i say..... "I AM".I did tell Eric..."I need you to help me stuff the invitation envelopes". Being the sweet guy that he is.... he was more then willing!
Today was Gavin's Bday!
12 years old! Its so hard to believe that we have a pre-teen in the house!!!
Last month he had his birthday party so his friends could be their..we have found that planing a summer bday party is close to impossible! (anyways if you want anyone to come)
Today we just kind of bummed around the house. Eric did work outside, and the boys played. Kodi helped me make Gav's bday cake, and of course licked the bowl!!!!!
I will try to post more often...summer is just a hard time!
Here is a pic of Kodi helping make the cake, Gavin on my laptop....both of the boys being silly..they had suckers that had lips on one side(i know.....weird)
and one with Eric..Iam sure he will be pleased iam sharing it.. Gavin squirted whip cream out of a can on him!!! We all though it was hilarious... he on The other hand wasn't as pleased..but we managed to get a smile out of him!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Baseball,baseball and MORE baseball!!!

Well, Gavin made it through his regular season of baseball.....just to be followed up with a nomination to try out for the Allstar team, and then he made the team!!!
The have been busy practicing 4 days a week, and this weekend they took part in a pre-Allstar tourney.
It was a lonnnng weekend... the boys played 6 games in two days.
The boys played hard and Iam proud to say they finished 2nd in the tourny!
Gavin played well, made some AWESOME diving catches in the outfield, and a couple RBI's.
Back to practicing all week, then the weekend of the fourth of July they began the Allstar journey.
Good job Gav, we are very proud of you!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Almost Summer

Well... the boys have ONE week of school left..which equals ONE week of my sanity left!.. No seriously...I look forward to the summer months because I really do enjoy having the boys home.
This summer should be as busy as most normal week days around our house.
Kodi is doing swim team this year. He really wasn't given an option as to if he wanted to or not.....we decided he needed some kind of activity to do and keep him active...he loves to swim, so I came up with swim team. He is very excited for it to start. We are so proud of him for agreeing to give it a try...after all you never know if you like it unless you try it!
Gavin got invited to try out for Little League All Stars so he will be doing that this weekend. (much to my dismay)
We were proud of him for getting enough all star votes to try out...but secretly hoping he doesn't make it. It interferes with football(because it goes all summer) and I personally don't care for the coach. I didn't want him to try out at all...but Eric said that wasn't fair, it's his opportunity not ours. So we gave him the option....he chose to try out.
( maybe Eric is right every once in awhile!!)
He begins light football training next weekend with some drill practice.
WE have a new addition to our family....2 baby kitties. They live strictly outside...I will try to get a pic of them and post it soon...they are pretty darn cute!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

F.B.....U KNOW!!!!

So last weekend was Gavin's big trip to Seattle for FBU (Football University)
I know we talked about it a few months back about how excited we were for Gav to be attending.
It was the most wonderful experience ever for Gavin. He loved it....and can't say enough good things about not only the defensive line coach he had but also the other campers.
As most of you know, our Gavin is sooooo small. He just hasn't grown into his little body yet. But size means nothing when you know how to play the game. Gavin is quick on his feet, thinks alot like someone who has been playing football for years, and is like grease lightening!!
Carl "Big Daddy" Hariston called him "speed racer". All of the boys in Gavins D-line group were all prep athletes that pretty much tripled him in size and weight...and Gav was quicker then all of them..but one.
We enjoyed the weekend, beautiful weather in Seattle and alot of football. KOdi was with his mother this last weekend so he didn't go with us.