Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DON'T Do that GAVIN!!

For those of you that don't know, Gavin Has been in counseling for about 6 months. In the process of it all, we found that no matter how much we don't want to admit it, and it's easier to deny it...their is a reason for the way Gavin acts at school and often times at home. Like I said, as much Eric and I hate to say it...Gavin does have ADHD...thanks to "Mark". Mark as almost ALL of you know, is as I like to call him Gavin's sperm donor. Mark was a very sick person, and from what i understand still is till this day...Mentally.
Unfortunately some of that stuff mentally is hereditary.
Gavin's counselor has been trying to get Gav leveled out with medication. We saw a HUGE difference in him on the first medication..."Adderal" But unfortunately, he started getting insomnia, and then wouldn't eat. He lost 3 lbs in a week... to much for someone his age and size. So, naturally...they took him off of it.
Then yesterday he started a new one....ridalin. he was doing ok, until he went to boxing. He was at boxing, doing his normal routine...and heavy work out with cardio. When he all of a sudden came to me and said "mom I cant breathe". He was gray-ish blue around his lips" He started to get scared(and so did I... but tried not to panic) Anyhow, it didn't resolve for almost 5 minutes... so I had to rush him to the ER. Eric met us their..Their they assessed him and took him straight back. They did an EKG which came back normal for his age.His heart rate was excelled. The breathing resolved itself, and Gavin felt better. As for me.. I wasn't!!1 I can watch him play football, and watch him get hit in boxing..but I know first hand when you cant breathe how fast that can turn bad...I was scared.
He came home and was totally fine. The recommended he don't take his afternoon med dose before any strenuous exercise.