Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love My New Blog!

As I recently posted...I have started a second Blog!
Kind of a different one...and one Iam sure is not every-ones cup of tea...but something that I love sooooo much!
My new Blog is dedicated to my love for hunting and the outdoors.
It's been fun creating it.. and I have so much to talk about, but trying to keep it to one post a day. The best part about all of it is I have met so many women across the US who share the same love for Hunting and Fishing as I do.
I just love the ladies I have met, and could sit in front of this screen all day reading their blog updates.
Thought I would post on it again, since Iam loving it to pieces! Thanks Kate for encouraging me to make a 2ND one!
Hugs to everyone...
Oh yah.. I should we are exactly 6 months away from the wedding....eeeeeek!!!!
MY NEW BLOG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~