Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lots of Little updates.......


Cub Scout pinewood derby

Thing have been a bit out of sorts here at the house.
Kodi had Surgery last Monday on his ummmmmm...welllll.. as he likes to call it. "My Butt".
As you can see from the pictures, Kodi was born with a birthmark. The picture really doesn't do justice for how large the mark had grown to. It not only had changed in size, but it became dark in color, in fact black in parts of it.
Naturally, the doctor said "that needs to come off, NOW".
They removed it, and it was sent in for a biopsy. No news on that, but it's still early. Iam sure it will come back OK though. Anyhow... he is recovering well. At this point he is off all pain meds.... not even needing Motrin anymore..pretty much pain free. He still has many restraints though. No running, hopping, skipping...ANYTHING but a normal walk is OUT of the question. YOu can imagine how hard that is for him. Kodi also had his Cub Scout pinewood derby. He did very well and we were proud of him. He ended up winning 1 out of 3 races..unfortunately he didn't qualify for the next level of races....but he had a blast doing it!!!We learned alot for next year on what to do different to make his car even quicker.

Gavin has been keeping busy with school and sports.
He is still training for his first boxing fight. He was supposed to be going to Spokane in two weeks for a fight, but that has changed, and his first fight will now be April 11Th in Connel Washington.
He is training hard, and keeping up physically so he hopefully can pull out his first win. We will see. He also had baseball tryouts this weekend. Baseball season starts in just a few weeks...he will be VERY VERY busy boxing and playing baseball at the same time. At least untill after he fights on the 11th, then he will cut back and only train for boxing 3 days a week untill after baseball season.
He of course is up to his normal silly self.... making everyone laugh. As you can see by the picture I posted....what a goof!

Awwwwww... Eric in the Tux coat!! Can you tell he at least took his hat off for the picture?? Nice messy hair huh?
So we picked out the tux style that he and his grooms men will be wearing for our big day. My mom said he looked uncomfortable in the pic.. I think because everything he tried on was to small.... they didn't really have his perfect size. You also will notice in the picture he had a pink tie and vest on.... Im sure you all will get a good laugh out of that!!
NO our colors are NOT pink!!!!!!!!! Eric will be wearing a camo vest and camo will the boys and Eric's groomsmen. Things are coming along with the wedding planning. And adding up. It's amazing how quick things can spiral out of wise. I think Iam doing pretty good at keeping our budget, and wallet in check.(Eric may disagree) But I really am trying .....................HONEST...IAM!!!!
We did have our first bump in the road in the planning.... our cake lady went bankrupt...I was so beside myself! We were able to get our money back, and thankfully have found a new cake shop that didn't have our date full yet. AND I have to add..... she is cheaper then the first lady!!!!! I cant believe how quick time is passing since the engagement...before we know it, it will be September.
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!
Playin XBOX in their Bedroom